~~~ What do men value in sex? ~~~

It is difficult to be equally attractive for everyone. After all, there is no disputing about tastes. But there are aspects of sexuality that every member of the stronger sex will endorse.

The most important thing, according to many men, is a beautiful body. The second in the ranking of intimate preferences of men, surprisingly, is understanding. For men, as well as for women, it is very important to be felt, understood, to be serious about their desires in bed. A man will definitely appreciate a woman who knows and feels that he needs in sex.

A man may not bind himself to marriage with a woman who is dismissed, but will always have sex with pleasure. For such women in men awakens an animal passion. It’s not just the way they admire porn stars: certainly not because of their rich inner world.

The initiative also appeals to many men. Most often, those who always makes decisions in everything. A hint that you want sex, or to try something new, new poses, for example - all this desires are always approved. Of course, it’s not about women doing this all the time. If this happens sometimes it helps to bring diversity into the sexual life serving as a balm for the soul of a man.

Inventiveness is also much appreciated. The point is that in the process a woman can offer some kind of original “script”. It is also the variety that men so yearn for.

The next quality that men value in sex is the rebelliousness. Of course, men like it when all their whims are fulfilled. But constant obedience can quickly get bored, and then they go to conquer someone else. So sometimes being unruly is very helpful.

Inaccessibility and modesty are the qualities which come into conflict with promiscuity in sex.

Hence the following paradox: a modest woman will have a great success with the opposite sex, but it will be difficult for her to achieve a long relationship.

Sex with a constant partner turns for a man into a real routine with time. For him, it's like a habit. He knows in advance what kind of caresses awaits him and how you will behave in this or another situation. There is nothing surprising that it seems boring for a man to have sex with you, it seems like a hard labor. Therefore, the first answer to the question of what men like most about sex: diversity. So girls, turn on the fantasy and come up with a new sexual adventure for your couple.

Silence is not golden. Who has drilled into your mind that a man should guess himself about your desires in bed? You are silent, but you are not satisfied with what your partner does during sex. As a result, you both have a bad mood and you have no orgasm. What do men like in sex? Frankness. Talk about your desires. A man will be pleased to give you pleasure. It will be much less pleasant for him to observe your dissatisfied face.

The snow queen is not the subject of adoration of men. An initiative woman is the dream of every man. Do not be afraid to be first in lovemaking, thus you will prove to your partner that you love him and he is desired. Passion, fire in the eyes - that's what your man wants to see.

Also, do not deny a man in sex. Isn't he the most important person in your life? Just put things off, and enjoy each other.

These are the main women's virtues that men value most in sex. Learn to use these qualities correctly, combine them, and then your man will think only of you.