Girl Pride Flag History

I wanted to offer some information about the Leather Girl Pride Flag. It was created and designed by myself with significant help from jp (who digitalized the first version as I was able to come up with the idea but had no idea how to get it on the computer), Toss, Inc. who created the first pins, and girl nancy who sewed the first flag. It was designed as a symbol of leathergirls, who we are and where we fit in the larger community, and also for those within the community who love us, support us, dominate us, top us, own us, encourage us and join us on our leather journeys.

Two major points in the history of the Girl Pride Flag include the initial unveiling at the Ms San Diego Leather Contest in November 2003, and the first presentation as a part of a color guard at American Brotherhood Weekend, April 2004. It has traveled the country with me as I have conducted workshops and hosted Girl Gatherings since September 2003.

i am in the process of copyrighting the design, but have given verbal permission to many to do with the design as they see fit. my humble request to all is that others do not create lapel pins as that has been the only method that has been used to attempt to help finance Girl Gatherings, Boy and Girl parties as well as workshops and lectures around the country. If you are interested in purchasing a Leather Girl Pride Pin or for more information on flags and other items, please feel free to contact me off line.

Mama's Faery Girl
American Leatherwoman 2003